2013 korean drama Introduction – Royal Family

2013  South Korea drama Introduction

Step 1

Drama Titles : Royal Family

Royal Family

Step 2

Drama Features

Total 50 Episodes

2013.08.31 ~ on the air

Every Saturday ~ Sunday evening at 07: 55(PM)

more than 15 years of age , viewing possible.

Step 3

Drama Synopsis

Royal Family

#1 Wang family with three generations living.

#2 Wang family’s marital Couple conflict.

    Parental favoritism, conflict of the children.

#3 In the drama of family conflict.

Step 4

The main characters ( Star)

Royal Family 1
Wang bong, 61 years old (Star – Jang Yong)
Wang family’s father.
Continuing to work for the family, but is still worried about the children.

Royal Family 2
Lee Ang-geum, 60 years old (Star – Kim Hae-suk)
Wang family’s mother.
Poor husband and married.
After marriage, had a lot of trouble.
She differentiates children.

Royal Family 3

Wang Su-bak,  37 years old (Star – Oh Hyeon-gyeong)

Wang family’s eldest daughter.
She grew up preciously.
She is rich, are popular everywhere.
However, her husband’s business failed, and is the beginning of her nightmare.

Royal Family 4
Ko Min-joong, 42 years old (Star – Jo Sung-ha)
Wang Su-bak husband.

Royal Family 5

Wang Ho-bak, 36 years old (Star – Lee Tae-ran)

Wang family’s second daughter.

Royal Family 6

Heo Se-dal,  35 years old (Star – Oh Man-seok)
Wang Ho-bak husband.

Royal Family 7

Wang Gwang-bak,  29 years old (Star – Lee Yunji)

Wang family’s third daughter.
She is interested to Choi Sang-nam.

Royal Family 8

Choi Sang-nam, (Star – Han Ju-wan)

He is interested to Wang Gwang-bak.


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